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Скачать fb2 книгу: The Rise of Endymion
Автор: Симмонс Дэн Полка: Книги » Фантастика » Эпическая фантастика Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.6 mb
“The Pope is dead! Long live the Pope!”. The cry reverberated in and around the Vatican courtyard of San Damaso where the body of Pope Julius XIV had just been discovered in his papal apartments. The Holy Father had died in his sleep. Within minutes the word spread through the mismatched cluster of buildings still referred to as the Vatican Palace, and then moved out through the Vatican State with the speed of a circuit fire in a pure-oxygen environment. The rumor of the Pope’s death burned through the Vatican’s office complex, leaped through the crowded St. Anne’s Gate to the Apostolic Palace and the adjacent Government Palace, found waiting ears among the faithful in the sacristy of St. Pe...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Endymion
Автор: Симмонс Дэн Полка: Книги » Фантастика » Эпическая фантастика Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.4 mb
You are reading this for the wrong reason.If you are reading this to learn what it was like to make love to a messiah—our messiah—then you should not read on, because you are little more than a voyeur.If you are reading this because you are a fan of the old poet’s Cantos and are obsessed with curiosity about what happened next in the lives of the Hyperion pilgrims, you will be disappointed. I do not know what happened to most of them. They lived and died almost three centuries before I was born.If you are reading this because you seek more insight into the message from the One Who Teaches, you may also be disappointed. I confess that I was more interested in her as a woman than as a teacher ...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Печать скорби
Автор: Бушков Александр Александрович Полка: Книги » Фантастика » Эпическая фантастика Язык: Русский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.4 mb
Более всего это напоминало…. Да ничего это не напоминало, черт возьми!. Окружающее не только не было похоже на Поток, в который Сварог сверзился, переступив порог часовни Атуана в Латеране; окружающее не только ничего общего не имело с переплетением красных и синих линий, куда Сварог угодил, отнюдь не добровольно, следуя маршрутом Земля – Талар… Это вообще ни на что не было похоже. Красные и синие линии были именно красными и синими линиями, пламя в кратере, пусть и не отбрасывающее тени, было именно пламенем; даже мириады блестящих кружащихся точек в Потоке Сварог мог смело окрестить «блестящими кружащимися точками».Но здесь…. Вокруг не было ни бесплотной пустоты, ни кромешной темноты; не б...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Legacy of the Jedi
Автор: Уотсон Джуд Полка: Книги » Фантастика » Эпическая фантастика Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.1 mb
The corridor was empty. The two thirteen-year-old boys paused outside the closed door. There were locks at the Jedi Temple, but they were rarely used. There was no need. There was nothing to hide. Nothing was forbidden. The Jedis code of honor gave each individual the challenge and privilege of walking the Jedi path. It was assumed that the discipline needed for this would also prevail in ones private life.So to enter another Jedis room without an invitation would not violate a rule. Not one that needed to be spoken or written, at least.Yet Dooku knew it was wrong. It wasnt terribly wrong. But it was wrong."Come on," Lorian said. "No one will find out.". Dooku glanced at his friend. Lorians ...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Jedi Quest 10: The Final Showdown
Автор: Watson Jude Полка: Книги » Фантастика » Эпическая фантастика Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.1 mb
"Power cell?". "Check.". "Reserve?". "Check.". "Blade crystals?". A glowing shaft buzzed to life."All check," Tru Veld said. He turned his lightsaber around, looking at the flame-colored ray. It gave his silvery skin a rosy tint."I adjusted the flux aperture for you and rebalanced the handle,". Anakin Skywalker told him."Feels great." Tru deactivated the lightsaber and tucked it into his belt. "Thanks. I may have built this light-saber, but you sure keep it humming." Tru looked down at his utility belt. "Liquid cable — check.Comlink — check. Aquata breather — check. And…" Tru reached into a small slit in his belt and withdrew a small bag. He swung it in the air. "Mmmm…. "Dont say anything," ...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Jedi Quest 9: The False Peace
Автор: Watson Jude Полка: Книги » Фантастика » Эпическая фантастика Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.1 mb
He had chased after one man for years. He had found him. He had fought him. He had lost him and found him again. Each time, he had vowed that this encounter would be their last.This time was no different. Obi-Wan Kenobi wanted a showdown with Granta Omega. Once and for all, he wanted to put a stop to a criminal he knew was dedicated to bringing down the Jedi Order. Deep in his heart, he knew the showdown was near.But he also suspected that, like the others, it would not come in a manner of his own choosing.Obi-Wan strode through the busy streets of the capital city of Falleen, Anakin Skywalker by his side. Siri Tachi and her apprentice, Ferus Olin, were only a step behind. They had landed on...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Jedi Quest 8: The Changing of the Guard
Автор: Watson Jude Полка: Книги » Фантастика » Эпическая фантастика Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.1 mb
Senate aide Tyro Caladian winced at the look of frustration on the face of his friend Obi-Wan Kenobi. "Im sorry," he said for the third time."There is nothing I can do.". Obi-Wan wanted to groan. He wanted to kick a hole through the rare laroon wood paneling of Meeting Room A3000291 in the Senate. He wanted to react like a privileged, arrogant Senator used to getting his way. He wanted to lash out.But he was a Jedi. Jedi did not do such things. They accepted even the most nerve-torturing frustrations with calm focus and unswerving direction.He must look for the flaw in the logic, discover the opening in the locked gate. Find the way. Petty emotions would only divert him. Obi-Wan took a deep ...

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