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Скачать fb2 книгу: Trick of the Light
Автор: Thurman Rob Полка: Книги » Фантастика » Городское фэнтези Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.2 mb
. . I would like to thank my mom—an ass-kicking woman in her own right. No demon would dare cross her path. I would also like to thank my evil twin, Shannon (your ability to not strangle me on a daily basis continues to amaze me); my patient editor, Anne Sowards; my infallible link to the publishing world, Cam Dufty; Brian McKay (the Once and Future King of copy writing); kind and wonderful author Charlaine Harris; Agent Jeff Thurman of the FBI for the usual weapons advice; the incomparable art and design team of Chris Mc-Grath (an art ) and Ray Lundgren; Jennifer Jackson; Tony Lopes for his weak negotiation skills in the matter of one Slimer; great and lasting friends Michael and Sarah-of-t...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Ghost of a Chance
Автор: Green Simon R Полка: Книги » Фантастика » Городское фэнтези Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.2 mb
Everybody knows there are bad places in the world.Houses that make you walk by on the other side of the street. Bedrooms that no-one in their right mind would try to sleep in. The television screen that isn’t empty enough, the mirror with too many faces reflected in it, the voice in the night, and the dark at the top of the stairs. There are bad places everywhere, in crowded towns and empty fields. Places where there are no safety barriers, where the walls of the world have worn thin, places . . . where we know we’re not safe. It’s in these bad places that we see things we don’t want to see.Ghosts. They’ve been around as long as we have, in one form or another. Strange sights and sounds, vis...
Скачать fb2 книгу: The Better Part of Darkness
Автор: Gay Kelly Полка: Книги » Фантастика » Городское фэнтези Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.2 mb
“You told a two-thousand-year-old oracle to.” Hank kept pace beside me, nursing his bloody nose with a handful of fast-food napkins I’d pulled from the glove box earlier. “I mean, do you ever think before the words spew out of your mouth, Charlie?”. “Yeah, all the time.” I jogged up the four brick steps. “If Alessandra didn’t have to act like a know-it-all, then I wouldn’t have to say things to her.”. “She a know-it-all!”. A tired huff escaped me as I opened the front door to Hope Ridge School for Girls and fixed Hank with a deadpan look. “You’ve been whining ever since we left.”. He swept past me, riding high on his martyrdom. “I’m not whining, I’m complaining. About you. And your incredibl...
Скачать fb2 книгу: The Darkest Edge of Dawn
Автор: Gay Kelly Полка: Книги » Фантастика » Городское фэнтези Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.2 mb
For Allen & Cheryl Hogan. ()()“Okay. I’m ready. Give me a leg up.”. With my right leg bent at the knee, foot poised in the air, and my fingers grasping the brick ledge below the broken window, I turned just enough to fire a withering glare at my partner. “Hank! A little help here?”. He didn’t budge.My eyes narrowed to slits as he stood there frowning at me like usual. I shook my foot at him and reached higher, my arm and shoulder muscles burning. “Oh, just forget it,” I muttered, dropping my hands from the ledge and hopping back, giving my partner a push toward the window. “You’re taller, you try.”. A dark blond eyebrow rose, and he shifted his weight onto one foot. Two seconds passed before...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Truthseeker
Автор: Murphy C.E. Полка: Книги » Фантастика » Городское фэнтези Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.2 mb
“—once upon a time, not so long ago, driven by a little old lady I know personally. She drove it to the store weekly, that’s it, so its four thousand miles are gentle ones, ladies. It’s six years old, but it has all the extras. You won’t find a better deal here or anywhere else. Now, I know the sticker price is eighteen five and you’re not looking to spend quite that much.” The salesman leaned out from beneath his umbrella to get a better look at the deep of Kelly Richards’s T-shirt, and smiled. “It’s cutting my own throat, but I think I can knock it down to seventeen flat. It’s a bargain, ladies, a real bargain.”. “Lara?” Kelly folded her arms beneath her breasts.For a moment Lara found her...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Unraveled
Автор: Showalter Gena Полка: Книги » Фантастика » Городское фэнтези Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.3 mb
Again, this one is for the real Haden, Seth, Chloe, Riley, Victoria, Nathan, Meagan, Parks, Lauren, Stephanie, Brittany and Brianna. Notice that none of your characters have sprouted horns and tails. I can’t promise it won’t happen in the next book, but I can tell you that Auntie GeeGee can be bribed….This one is also for fellow authors Jill Monroe, Kresley Cole and P.C. Cast. I know, I know. You see their names in all my dedications. But I promise you, they deserve every bit of praise. A writer’s life is often solitary and those three talented beauties remind me that there’s a world outside my computer—and that there’s a party nearby with my name on it.This one is also for my amazing editor...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Kisses from Hell
Автор: Cast Kristin Полка: Книги » Фантастика » Городское фэнтези Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.1 mb
stretched out on the lounge chair in front of our motel room.“Basking in the sun, ?” Marguerite’s French-accented voice sounded behind me. “You have been doing a lot of that lately.”. “Can’t get sun cancer now.”. “No, you just like thumbing your nose at the myth.”. I grinned. “A sunbathing vampire. So Dracula-retro.”. She sighed. I tilted my head back to look at her as she stepped out the screen door. Like me, Marguerite is a vampire. She’s been one a lot longer, though. Over a hundred years, though she looks twenty, the age when she died. Eternally beautiful. Well, in Marguerite’s case, at least—she’s tiny with blond curls and big blue eyes. I’d thought she was an angel when I first met he...

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