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Скачать fb2 книгу: A mother-daughter twosome
Автор: Jensen Peter Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.1 mb
Ann Walker trudged wearily from the front office of the Bay Construction Company, and turned down Market Street to begin the four block walk to her car. San Francisco screamed around her in the throes of its rush-hour convulsions, spewing people and cars and dirt and noise out of its belly in frenzied, hysterical haste. The sky was low with the smog that had settled in from the bay, and a half-ridden sun broiled the sweating city mercilessly. It was hot, noisy, cramped and stinking. It was progress."Hey, get the hell out of the way!". Ann Walker jerked her head up, and stepped quickly back up onto the curb. An irate cab driver squealed around her, blasting his horn at the same time, and star...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Three-way weekend
Автор: Spencer Kitty Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.2 mb
The two young men strolling along Sutter Street might have been brothers. Each was tall, each had the same lightly tanned, dark-haired good looks, and the same Italian ancestry showed in the boned modeling of both faces. But Nino and Carlo were unrelated by direct blood ties. They considered themselves to be business partners.They walked with easy strides toward the rows of cafe tables that lined the garden court restaurant, ignoring the San Franciscians and tourists who strolled past them. Typically, Carlo was half pace in the lead."Lets sit here," he suggested, reaching for a chair at a back row table. They sat down and lit cigarettes, each taking from his own pack.Nino produced a pair of ...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Seduced young wife
Автор: Desmond Robert Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.1 mb
A hum filled Lynn Shaffers ears as she began to arouse herself from her half-sleep. She was dimly aware of a delicious warmth which permeated her entire body, forming tiny beads of perspiration on her forehead and letting a faint dampness invade the sheltered places beneath her arms and down between her small, smoothly rounded thighs. She rolled over onto her back, vaguely conscious now of the texture of the terrycloth towel which lay beneath her, and of the sweltering sun standing high over her in the cloudless Caribbean sky.The hum grew louder as she began to wake up. She wondered vaguely what it was, and then remembered. Of course. The Veras motor. Harry Johnsons motor yacht. She thought ...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Sister_s husband
Автор: Driscoll Penny Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.1 mb
"Man, I can see everything shes got!" Jim stared across his desk at the Granger State Bank. The discreet sign on his desk read "James O. Carroll, Vice President". From where he was sitting he could see directly up between little Ginnie Reordons creamy white thighs. She was a small girl, but built with an almost diabolical precision that insured a second look from any red-blooded male in her vicinity. Jim found it hard to believe that the girl was only 17, she seemed so mature for her years… not only physically but mentally. He had heard that Ginnie cultivated people older than she, completely ignoring most of her classmates at Granger High.The young girl shifted languidly on the chair across...
Скачать fb2 книгу: The seductive sister-in-law
Автор: Travis Raymond Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.1 mb
Stepping out of the warm driving shower onto a plush yellow towel, Betty Howard lifted her thick honey-colored hair from her long delicately arching neck and looked at her youthful reflection in the full length bathroom mirror with an involuntary self-satisfaction. It was hard not to be proud of the wide-spaced green eyes gazing back at her, slanted slightly above high cheekbones, blinking back at her with a growing amusement; it was exhilarating to be such a beautiful young woman and beneath her quiet and modest temperament she enjoyed it. Though she would celebrate her twenty-sixth birthday this very summer, her fully curving voluptuous body was every bit as firm and taut as a teenagers – ...
Скачать fb2 книгу: The unfaithful girlfriend
Автор: Tydings Clarence Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.1 mb
Though it was scarcely thirty minutes into twilight, darkness was beginning to settle thickly over the city of New York, and nights sudden approach was nowhere more apparent than by the fountain in Central Park. But the sudden encroachment of darkness was halted this particular evening, and the well-manicured lawns of the park, still bearing the traces of summer green well into September, were brightly lighted with a half dozen carbon arcs, their bluish smoke-streams faintly trailing out behind them as they cast a daylight-bright glow onto the trio of fashion models being led through their practiced motions by one of the citys leading ad agency creative directors, Marty Felder. And mingled i...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Her husband_s boss
Автор: Ziegler Karen Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.1 mb
Maxwell Alexander eased back in his plush desk chair and swung around toward the massive grey-tinted window behind him. Only two weeks ago, he had been able to gaze down unblinkingly through the golden May sunlight to the traffic-clogged Los Angeles intersection five stories below, but summer had come scorching in on the heels of spring and now the air shimmered with heat and a hazy blinding glare. The sky seemed to drop down suddenly thick with smog, like a stifling shroud over the sprawling city. The newspapers had been reporting that the level of air pollution was critical and had already reached the danger point twice during the past week. As usual, the papers had blamed it on the comple...

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