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Скачать fb2 книгу: Bride for bondage
Автор: Boyer Brad Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.2 mb
Bob set the two suitcases inside the door of the mountain cabin and turned to look at his wife. His bride smiled, the clear light shimmering over her lightly tanned face, the sun glinting on her pale blonde hair."Here we are," Bob said. "Honeymoon cottage." He swept Linda into his arms and carried her over the threshold into the large living room.Linda clung to him, her arms around his broad shoulders. She turned her head and kissed her new husband lightly, hardly brushing his lips. "I love you," she said softly."I love you." Bob returned the kiss with real feeling, fucking his tongue to her lips. "Wheres the bedroom?" He held her firmly to him."Upstairs. That way." She nodded with her head ...
Скачать fb2 книгу: The slaves of Carla
Автор: Carla Mistress Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.3 mb
"Mei-Ling, I want you to undress and then suck my cock!" Harrison MacLoud said to the diminutive Chinese girl whom he had summoned to the opulently furnished den in his baronial mansion.Her eyes widened as she stared at the handsome, middle-aged man seated behind the ornately carved desk. "Oh, no Sir, I couldnt do that," the pert maid protested as her saffron skin darkened with embarrassment. "You are a married man. You should not even think of asking me to do such things. What would the Misses MacLoud think is she knew you had done so?". Hell it was her idea, Harrison thought. But he didnt tell the trembling young woman facing him that. Instead, he rose from behind the paper strewn desk and...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Kidnapped and raped
Автор: Sharkey Max Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.1 mb
"Youre gonna suck my cock whether you like it or not, you little cunt!" The handsome young boy snarled as he held his prick in front of the girls ruby lips. "Hold her legs down, Sammy," he exhorted his friend. "If this bitch is gonna give me a good blow-job, she cant be moving around like that. Grab her ankles and hold her tight.". "Okay, Eddie," the other boy replied as he gripped her ankles and pressed them into the sand.Eddie was straddling the girls tear-stained face, gripping both of her wrists in one big, strong hand, and slapping the helpless, nude teenage girl with his other hand. The slapping sounds were hardly audible, smothered by the windy breeze which blew in over the ocean. And...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Tied up with sis
Автор: Vickers Robert Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.2 mb
The girls Phys. Ed. coach, Ellen Jarvis, leaned against the wall in the gym watching the boys PE class come trotting in. They were sweaty and tired – and gorgeous.She loved watching the way their young asses moved. It made her so hot she almost came. Her hand pressed against her own tight shorts. Back and forth over the crotch she rubbed. Soon, a tiny wet patch had begun to spread like wildfire. The woman couldnt restrain herself any longer. She followed the last of the boys into the locker room.The smell hit her. Heavy, almost overpowering. But the maleness of it made her itch deep inside. Her cunt was screaming for some action – long, hard cock action.The boys were busy showering and getti...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Mom_s rape cure
Автор: Bradley J S Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.2 mb
Suzy Flancher lay on her back and soaked up the warm Florida sun, her eyes closed to the sky. Laughter came from somewhere up the sugar-sand beach, maybe from her brother, Matt, and the girls hed located at the resort motel already.From the other side, she could hear the low tones of her fathers gentle voice as he talked soothingly to her mother and flipped shells into the tiny ripples of surf.She started to sweat suddenly. She could feel the panties and halter of her yellow-and-green striped bikini becoming damp with it. Her young, ripe breasts seemed to swell firmly in the halter cups and stretch toward the sky, as if wanting to break free of the hot cloth confining them.She parted her thi...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Raped policewoman
Автор: Brown Heather Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.1 mb
The sun was going down as I yawned and forced myself out of bed. Most people get up when the sun comes up, but here I was making my way into the kitchen for my first cup of coffee at sundown. I had been doing it for almost two months now and my body still hadnt adjusted. By the time I finally did get used to it the bastards would change my schedule and Id be right back where I started, futilely trying to catch up on the hours I had lost.As I sat in the kitchen nursing a cup of discount instant coffee that tasted like boiled eucalyptus leaves, I asked myself for the thousandth time why I was putting myself through this shit. Here I was, a 25-year-old woman with a degree in sociology and an IQ...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Teaser in torment
Автор: Kellerman John Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.2 mb
"Aw, come on, Robyn," Barry whined.He was a little wiped out from the beer hed been putting down. He pushed me down the hall towards a bedroom. I could hear giggles from an occupied room as we passed."I… Id rather stay with the other kids if you dont mind.". "Shit, almost everybody else is in a bedroom… or hunting for one.". Barry laughed and spilled some of his beer on the rug. He kissed me then and I tasted the alcohol on his lips. He was such an easy one. Id been driving him half-crazy all night and enjoyed every minute of it. I let him push his tongue between my teeth, tickling the underside of it with my own until he moaned and shoved his body against me. My silk dress clung to my body....

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