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Скачать fb2 книгу: Spread for pleasure
Автор: Unknown Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.3 mb
Chris hurried out of the emergency room exit. After ten straight days of working as an ICU charge nurse, on the three to eleven shift, she finally had a weekend off. One of the nurses with whom she worked knew of a swinging party in the West San Fernando Valley and told Chris where it was. Driving to her apartment Chris wondered what a farm girl from Iowa would discover at a Southern California party. She hoped she would meet some people who had the same interests in sex that she did."Ive been too long without romancing," she murmured as she undressed for her shower.She was an attractive woman in her middle twenties. Her dishwater blond hair hung to her shoulders. She had small breasts with ...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Glenda gets hers
Автор: Unknown Author Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.2 mb
The first time Glenda got hers, she was a saucy young thing of eighteen. A recent graduate of Potters Bluff High, Glenda was a red-haired beauty whose vivacious personality, gorgeous looks and big, bouncy knockers guaranteed her popularity wherever she went.Glenda Farrell was an only child. She lived with her Police Chief father, Rupert, in a small, quaint, wood frame house on Lothario Drive on the outskirts of Potters Bluff. Glenda had been spoiled by her parents, and when her mother died, Rupert had been even more indulgent of his precious little princess.Consequently, Glenda had grown up with a lot of nerve. She was used to getting what she wanted when she wanted it, and without a great d...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Secretary in bondage
Автор: Marrick Val Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.2 mb
"Give it to me, Harry!" the woman cried, as the giant cock went into her waiting red-furred pussy with a squishing sound. The edge of the desk bit into her ass cheeks as she rolled her hips around the advancing prick. "Oh God, let me feel you cram that big prick clear up to my tonsils!". Harry smiled down at his secretary who was lying on his desk in front of him with her skirt up around her hips. Her long, pale legs were spread wide to open her cunt for his rigid, ready spear of cock. She smiled. The light of lust was shining brightly from her clear green eyes. She was propped on her elbows so that she could look at her employer as he fucked her. The front of her blouse was open, and two po...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Chains for Linda
Автор: Boyer Brad Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.2 mb
Lindas aunt almost exploded as Tonys cock kept digging into it. Her arms went up around his moving, thrusting body, her legs spread wider and she took every bit of the big, hard dick into her pussy. Swarms of hot desire pulsed from her clit. The mans sturdy body drove the prick steadily, his force growing as her desires neared their peak."Oh, Tony. Oh, God, yes. Fuck me. Oh, all the way. I want to come. Come!" She clung to him, knees high, snatch blazing as his cock slammed in. The fire swept along her nerves and she gasped, sensing his wild lust, loving the feel of his fierce desire for her body."Yes!" Linda started to come, a rush of surging passion suddenly loose in her crotch. "Tony. Ton...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Two raped wives
Автор: Watson J T Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.1 mb
Darkness had fallen before the two young women left the lecture hall."I wish my husband could be like that," Jennifer Wales sighed."Toms a very nice man," Rena Cole protested."Oh, hes nice enough," Jennifer said, "but hes just so dull. He never does anything exciting.". "And I suppose youd like for him to fly planes and nearly get himself killed in far off places like our speaker did?" Rena questioned."Nothing so drastic," Jennifer admitted. "Id just like for him to change a little. Hes dull in just about everything he does, even in bed.". "Jennifer!" Rena said sharply.Jennifer shrugged her shoulders. She knew her slim, dark-haired friend didnt like to talk about sex. Rena could be a real pr...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Tied up nurse
Автор: Hawkins Bob Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.4 mb
Her heart pounding, Lynn Richards pushed the chair back against the wall, pulled out the small table next to it, then took a deep breath as she surveyed the room. The center of the floor was clear of furniture, now. She went to the door and made certain it was securely locked – only her sister had a duplicate key. Lynn crossed the room, wobbling slightly in her brand-new high heels, and went into the kitchen. There, she reached far back into the freezer compartment of her refrigerator and chose one of her special ice cubes!. Lynn had several of these peculiar objects in the freezer. Each cube held a small key and a long piece of string. The string was not attached to the key, so that when th...
Скачать fb2 книгу: Wives in torment
Автор: Watson J T Полка: Книги » Дом и Семья » Для взрослых Язык: Английский Формат: .fb2 Размер: 0.3 mb
There were two young women in the store when Dan Jacobs entered.He found them both attractive. He had been planning to stay in the small town but a few days, but he had already changed his mind. He had already seen a number of attractive women."Who is that?" Carolyn Merrit asked.Julia Johnson tried not to look interested in the man who had just walked in. It was all right for Carolyn to act so crazy. Everyone in town, even her husband, knew that Carolyn was a big flirt.But Julia had only been married a few weeks and it wouldnt do for people to notice her being interested in other men. Still, it was hard to keep her eyes from straying to the handsome features of the stranger."I dont know," Ju...

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